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Casa do Preá

Preá Beach - Ceará

Praia do Preá is a beach located in the municipality of Cruz, in the state of Ceará. It is one of the longest beaches on the Ceará coast and is considered one of the main kite surfing spots in the world.

It has dunes formed by the region’s tropical climate and borders the Jericoacoara National Park.

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Our houses are always signed by the most respected architects and designers in the market, to guarantee you the best Investment.


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When you buy a fraction of a property, not only do you become the owner, but you also have access to other properties in the group and, if you don’t use them yourself, you can earn rental income.

We have an outsourced service from one of the largest concierge companies in the world, specializing in multi-property management and maintenance since 2001.

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T-Properties focuses on providing not only the sale of fractions of properties but also the best local experiences in each community where the houses are carefully developed.


Casa Brisa

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